Aerospace Repairs

We truly understand there’s nothing more important than quality

NDT Solutions, Inc Repair Facility specializes in Machining, OD/ID Grinding, Welding and Plating of Aerospace Components. Complimented by our Non-Destructive Testing Lab, our team can ensure your products are handled in house, from start to finish with exceptional quality

Machining & Welding

  • New Vertical Lathes with Digital Readouts
  • New Horizontal Mills with Digital Readouts
  • Manufacture Overhauled OD Grinder with Digital Readouts and Variable Feeds
  • ID grinder with Digital Readouts and Variable Feeds
  • 2000 Degree Ceramic Oven
  • 600 Degree Walk-In Bake Oven
  • Dynasty 200 DX


  • Dense Chromium
  • Cadmium
  • Nickel
  • Brush Plating